Q: Why is my bid request pending ?
A: Please note that to complete your registration and bid at auction you need to send us either a copy of your Passport or any official ID document.
To send via E-mail:
Please note that Antiquorum usually approves a bid request within one business day.
Q: I’ve been an active bidder in the past, but my email and password are not working. Why is that?
A: Since December 2018, Antiquorum has changed the online bidding platform. For security reasons, all bidders must reset their password to enable login.
Q. Where Can I Find the Antiquorum Auction Online Bidding App?

A. Since December 2018, the Antiquorum App will no longer be available. We are currently working on a new release; at the moment you will only be able to bid via web browser on Due to this change, we suggest disinstalling all previous Antiquorum Apps.

Q: What are the requirements to use the Online Bidding System? Do I need to install a PlugIn on my internet browser to use the bidding system on Pc or Mac?

A: Online Bidding System Requirements:

“Windows” operating system based computers:
“Chrome” with the latest “Adobe Flash Player”.

“Mac” operating system based computers:
“Chrome” with the latest “Adobe Flash Player”.

“iOS” operating system based devices:
“Safari” browser.

*The above requirements ensure the best performance of Antiquorum’s Bidding System.

** Antiquorum Bidding System should work with “Internet Explorer” browser versions 8 and 9 with the latest “Adobe Flash Player”. However, it is strongly recommend using “Chrome” or “Safari” on a “Windows” based computer.

In order to use the bidding web application, make sure you have installed the latest Version of Adobe Flash Player on your web browser. This is the only PlugIn you will need. To get the best possible experience on our desktop bidding application, we recommend you use Google Chrome. Please use the link below to verify whether your Adobe Flash Player is already installed and working:

Q: Can I watch the live auction on my mobile phone or tablet using the Antiquorum application?
A: No, since the Antiquorum App is no longer available, you will only be able to watch the live auction via your web browser, on
Q: I have the Antiquorum app instaled on my phone or tablet but it doesn't work.
A: As previously stated, we are working on a brand new release of the App, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to receive all notifications. We recommend disinstalling all previous versions of the Antiquorum App.
Q: How can I register to bid online?
A: Please use the “Register” section of this website, on the top of the Menu bar.
Q: When does the absentee bidding close?
A: The absentee bidding closes 2 hours before the auction.

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