If you are interested in consigning property to Antiquorum, we invite you to contact one of our experts to examine and valuate the goods . If you are unable to visit one of our offices, you can mail, fax or e-mail a photograph of the property with any pertinent information to one of our experts for examination. If you decide to sell your property through Antiquorum, a contract will be drawn up which describes the lot(s) and establishes reserve(s), as well as sets forth terms and fees for services we provide. The reserve is a minimum price for the seller, which is determined in mutual agreement between the seller and Antiquorum. A lot cannot be sold at auction under that price.

For traditional auctions:
• seller’s commissions are charged on sold lots only: 15% for lots sold up to a value of SFr 10’000 (and for lots sold in thematic auctions); 10% for lots sold for SFr 10’001 and above.
• Antiquorum also charges an insurance premium of 1% on the final hammer price for each lot sold or on the basis of the reserve for unsold lots. If the seller wishes to use his/her own insurance coverage, a disclaimer letter must be provided to Antiquorum.
• A fee for catalogue photography will also be applied, and laboratory certification, repair and restoration fees may be incurred where applicable.

Under certain circumstances, Antiquorum may advance funds to a seller against the goods consigned for sale. For information, contact an Antiquorum expert or agent.
Property to be delivered for a forthcoming auction should be consigned to Antiquorum no later than 45 days prior to the sale date. Antiquorum’s staff is at your disposal to help arrange the delivery of property to Antiquorum. Please do not hesitate to call us in Geneva
+ 41 (0)22 909 28 50; or contact the Antiquorum office closest to you
For items sold in a traditional auction, each seller will receive a complimentary auction catalogue two weeks before the sale. Sellers will also receive a statement indicating the lot number(s) and reserve(s) for their property included in the sale.
Shortly after the sale, sellers will receive notification of the outcome of the sale of their property.

Payment will be sent to sellers within approximately 40 days from the day of the sale, providing that the lot(s) have been settled by the buyer(s).

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