Important notices

Statement of condition

Antiquorum provides descriptions of watches, clocks and jewelry and their condition in this catalogue as a service to prospective buyers. Any such description or condition are statements of opinion for general guidance and should not be treated as statements of fact. All lots are sold “AS IS” at the moment of “knock-down” and cannot be returned on the grounds that repairs have been made or parts supplied by anyone than the named makers. All watches and jewelry shall be viewed personally to evaluate their condition prior to the auction.

Although we endeavor to mention in our descriptions significant defects, needed repairs, absent stones and the like, we do not guarantee that the descriptions are comprehensive. Please note that descriptions may not specify all mechanical and technical defects, replacement of original parts, or authenticity of individual component parts (such as wheels, hands, crowns, crystals, screws, bracelets, buckles, deployant clasps and leather bands since subsequent repairs and restoration work may have resulted without Antiquorum’s knowledge.) Furthermore, we make no judgments as to whether diamond dials, diamond bezels, diamonds and precious stones originated at the factory or are later additions. We do not guarantee the accuracy or operation of any watch function such as timekeeping, chronograph, calendar, repeat or register. Buyers are advised that boxes, certificates or any other accessories are not available unless stated otherwise.

The dimensions given in the catalogue descriptions are overall tip-to-tip and most often include the lugs. Buyers of water-resistant and waterproof watches are strongly encouraged to have such watches inspected by a competent watchmaker of their choice upon purchase since these watches have been opened by the Antiquorum watch experts during cataloging. Watches and jewelry may not be taken apart whilst on view without consent of Antiquorum’s watch experts.

Antiquorum will accept requests for condition reports with additional photographs via email at To best accommodate any requests, please submit all inquiries no later than two days prior to the sale date. Kindly limit the number of requests to the lots of serious interest. Antiquorum shall have no responsibility for any error or omission in the condition reports and may not specify all mechanical and technical replacements, imperfections, repairs, restorations or the effects of aging in the movement, case or dial.

• Antiquorum Geneva now takes credit cards as payment for lots won at auction.

• 1.8% service charge for MasterCard and Visa and 2.05% charge for American Express.

• For buyers having paid by credit card, a shipping delay of 3 to 7 working days may apply in order to do additional controls.

Import / export, Restrictions taxes

Buyers are advised that Antiquorum will remove bands made of materials derived from endangered or otherwise protected species (i.e. alligator, caiman, lizard, snake…) prior to shipping lots abroad. Buyers are responsible for compliance with any applicable export and import regulations. Moreover certain items made of tortoiseshell, ivory, coral may be subject to importation restrictions in certain countries.

Please consult your local customs authority for information on importing items made of these materials.

The Buyer is responsible for the payment of all applicable import and export duties and taxes related to the lots purchased.

Shipping and insurance

Winning lots (watches and jewelry only) will be available for pick up at our Geneva office for buyers having selected the collect point Geneva and at our Hong Kong office for buyers having selected the collect point Hong Kong. All others will be shipped directly to their location as per buyer‘s instructions. Please note that buyers are responsible for all shipping fees and any other applicable fees including value added tax, customs duties etc… for importation to their respective countries.

Extract from the archives 

Due to the time delays in obtaining extracts from the Archives, Antiquorum cannot guarantee that case & movement numbers are matching.


In addition to the hammer price, the buyer’s premium is payable as follows: 25% of the hammer price on each lot up to and including CHF 1,000,000, 20% from CHF 1,000,001 to CHF 5,000,000 and 15% for all amounts in excess of CHF 5,000,001.

Conditions de vente / conditions of sale

Extrait des conditions de vente

• Les ordres d’achats sont traités au mieux des intérêts du client. ls doivent nous parvenir au plus tard la veille de la vente.

• Les frais d’adjudication sont de 25% hors taxes, ils sont rajoutés au prix d’adjudication pour chaque lot.

• Les acheteurs sont priés de payer leurs achats dans un délai maximal de 7 jours à compter du jour de la vente par virement, en espèces dans les limites légales suisses ou en carte Visa, MasterCard ou Amex moyennant des frais en sus.

• Les lots ne seront délivrés qu’après règlement complet de la facture. Les frais d’expéditions, incluant l’assurance, sont à la charge de l’acheteur.

• Aucune garantie n’est donnée sur l’état de fonctionnement des montres et pendules, y compris l’étanchéité des montres.

• Un rapport de condition peut vous être communiqué sur demande en amont de la vente aux enchères.

• Les conditions de ventes complètes sont en français à la fin de catalogue.


• Absentee bids are processed in the best interest of the client. They must arrive no later than the day before the auction.

• The buyer’s premium is 25% without taxes.

• Buyers are required to pay for their purchases within a maximum of 7 days from the day of the auction sale, either by wire transfer, by cash within Swiss legal limitations, or using a aster ard,Visa or Amex (extra fees).

• The lots will be delivered after full payment of the invoice. Shipping charges, including insurance, will be charged to the buyer.

• No guarantee is given on working order of watches and clocks, including the water-resistant for the watches.

• A condition report can be given on request before the auction.

• Definitive terms of sale are in french at the end of the catalogue.

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