A curated selection of Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces

Auction to take place at Beau-Rivage Genève hotel, Salon de l’Impératrice

SUNDAY, JUNE 28th, 2020
From 10:00 a.m. Lots 1-145
From 3:00 p.m. Lots 225-398

at Antiquorum Showroom Rue du Mont-Blanc 3, 1201 Genève
JUNE 25th -26th -27th
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

GENEVA (June 17th, 2020) — Antiquorum will host a remarkable auction in Geneva this coming June 28th at Beau-Rivage Genève hotel, with an outstanding selection of the rarest modern & vintage timepieces.

“After months of uncertainty and cautiousness, we are extremely glad and excited to host our upcoming auction at the Beau-Rivage Genève. Initially planned in May, this major auction has been delayed to June 28th to allow us to go live and to find back our beloved collectors and watch afficionados.
Obviously, all the digital structure that Antiquorum put in place last March, becoming at this occasion the first major auction house broadcasting online, will be fully working for our international audience unable to travel. It is a tremendous pleasure and honor to find you back!”
said Romain Rea, Antiquorum CEO.

Antiquorum experts are proud to have assembled a rich selection of timepieces that reflect the finest craftmanship. Among them, they would like to highlight the following selection.

The morning session will unveil many gems of which LOT 85, Rolex, Ref. 6352, Oyster Perpetual, also called “Pre-Explorer” with a strikethrough Ref. 6150 indication inside the caseback and the number 18 stamped on the lug. This very attractive dress Explorer without the word ‘EXPLORER’ on the dial ticks all the boxes in terms of collectability. Not only it features its original bracelet, its honeycomb dial is in mint condition and a red « DEPTH » indication but also with a very rare Joyeria Riviera retailers’ signature.

LOT 140 Tudor Ref.7032,¨Homeplate¨ one of the greatest looking watches ever made by the firm in the early seventies; a look completed by a stainless steel tachometer bezel, a distinctive bright orange chronograph hand and orange 5 minutes chronograph counter. It is only the fourth time that a black dial 7031/7032 has ever appeared at Antiquorum and this example has been kept in excellent shape showing thick lugs, and a wonderful matching patina near perfect dial. A pinnacle for Tudor enthusiasts.

To end the first session, Antiquorum is elated to offer a breathtaking Rolex Daytonas dream trilogy LOT 143, LOT 144 and LOT 145.
LOT 143 Rolex Daytona Ref. 16523 in steel and 18K Yellow gold with an extremely rare blue galvanized dial. It happens to be the first time ever that this metal and color dial combination appears at any auction. This timepiece also nikmaned “Chairman Daytona” has the particularity of to have been produced in a very limited number and according to the watch expert was intended for internal gifts to exclusive notables, company directors or VIPs. This extraordinary piece has never been officially commercialized by Rolex. Antiquorum will offered this June the chance to acquire the pinnacle of modern Daytonas.

LOT 144, Ref. 16528, in 18K yellow gold in near mint condition features a very specific floating “Daytona” porcelain dial, a chronograph hour dial number 6 inverted and a bezel with tachometer scale graduated to 200 UPH.

LOT 145 Ref. 6239 in stainless steel, presents a fine and rare exotic dial also know as “Paul Newman” dial one of the most wanted piece nowadays.

The second session starting from 2 p.m. (GMT+1) will offer most sought-after masterpieces and rarities.
Antiquorum experts are delighted to tell you the story of the LOT 308, a very fine Vacheron Constantin Ref. 4195 gifted by Maria Eva Durante de Perón better known as the legendary Eva Perón or Evita to Fernando Rein Loring, a Spanish pilote, famous for the successful first 16’000Km flight between Madrid and Manilla, a feat at the time for the Spanish aviation. In 1947, the skilled pilote, took Eva Perón from Buenos Aires to Madrid where she was invited to meet the General Francisco Franco. The precious watch will be auctioned along with its enamel and gold medal engraved with the name of the pilote commemorating the trip “Buenos Aires – Madrid”.

Rarity is the essence of the LOT 310, this watch-object, dating from the early 17th century, is the only one of its kind known to date. It is then necessary to wait until the beginning of the 19th century to find this type of knife-watch. It is in Geneva that one encounters a production of small gold knives, richly decorated with enamel and / or pearls, sometimes incorporating a watch and / or a miniature music mechanism with vibrating blades. This object keeps all its mystery that its future owner might unveil sometime.

Another mesmerizing piece to be auction is pocket watch LOT 293. A beautiful manual-winding stainless steel chronograph from Patek Philippe. This very fine timekeeper from the 30’s, is offered in.a near perfect 47mm case and a dial kept in wonderful condition. Retailed by Hausmann this pocket watch will thrill watch connoisseurs.

The second session will carry on with two out of the ordinary calendar watch.

The first one, LOT 378 is a never-produced Rolex Oysterquartz Perpetual Calendar Prototype. This extremely rare watch features a 5355-55 caliber, a movement that has the particularity to be completely silent (a remarkable difference with the 5055). The unusual watch from 1997 is offered with a fitted box, Rolex booklet copy and three extra-battery. No doubt that this lot will attract huge attention.

On a completely different range of interest, Antiquorum will auction another very fine and very rare calendar. LOT 394, Patek Philippe Digital Perpetual Calendar à guichet (with apertures) in 18K yellow gold. It appears that this precious timekeeper has only been produced in a very limited eight pieces in the late 30’s and early 40’s; only four of them went to auction and among them three are today kept in the Patek Philippe Museum.

Among the Patek Philippe selection, Antiquorum is also pleased to offer LOT 301 & LOT 302, two Ref. 3700 Jumbo Nautilus, iconic and avant-garde Gerald Genta design in excellent condition. Beyond the obvious investment that these timepieces represent, they are above all a real milestone in the history of watchmaking

LOT 388 Audemars Piguet Ref. 25721 Royal Oak Offshore, “The Beast”, stainless steel chronograph with date. Designed by Emmanuel Gueit and launched in 1993 Antiquorun is please to auction a very early model, sold in April 1994, part of the first historical series “D-Series” identifiable by the case N° D46172/ No 41D. A collectible object that will without a doubt ravish the watch enthusiasts.

From Rolex, the session 2 of the auction will enchant connoisseurs, a session immediately beginning with the exceptional LOT 250 Rolex Ref. 16550, Explorer II, Black Prototype nipple dial in Stainless steel. Dating from 1984, it is one of the first example made featuring a prototype dial with “nipple” style indexes similar to the GMT’s and signed T Swiss rather then Swiss T25. According to the experts it is only the second time ever that this watch appears at an auction.

Followed by LOT 263 Rolex Ref. 16529, Daytona “Zenith” in stainless steel with Arabic (or Racing) numerals. Until today only two other similar steel 16520 with Arabic dials that have appeared at auctions.

LOT 345, an astonishing Rolex Ref. 1680, Red Submariner, Meter First Mark II, tropical dial with box and paper from circa 1969. The “Red” Submariner is one of the most sought-after vintage Rolex references. The example to be auctioned has a gorgeous brown aged and incredibly uniform tropical dial. The dial is a Mark II, as signified by the meters first configuration, the open number six, and the the elongated “f” in “ft.” This watch is in fantastic condition, with its correct punched Chronometer attestation and its original fitted bracelet date 1971which only adds to its appeal.

To continue, the auctioneer will reveal another extremely rare Rolex Ref. 1680 Submariner, COMEX LOT 346 from 1979. The COMEX Ref. 1680 is probably the rarest of all COMEX sport watches, since COMEX only received approximately 60 examples. The great majority of those were later serviced, with the COMEX dial being replaced with a regular Rolex dial. Indeed, surprisingly, at that time many owners did not like the COMEX logo on the dial.

Pristine beauty, fine and extremely rare, the sale will carry on with LOT 349, Rolex Daytona, self-winding, 18K yellow gold chronograph wristwatch with white porcelain dial, 3 registers and tachometer bezel. leather wallet and hang tag.
After Antiquorum sale in May 2019 of a floating steel Daytona retailed by Tiffany (reference 16520) for the amount of CHF 293’000, the auction house is proud to offer another extremely rare version, this time in gold, featuring a porcelain dial, four lines and diamond indexes.

The auction will reach the end of its journey with the breathtaking LOT 398 Rolex Paul Newman Daytona, with its original box and warranty from 1974, sold new at Bucherer in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Consigned by the family of the original owner, Antiquorum is honored to present this masterpiece, the epitome of any watch collection. A completely original grail piece with all lume plots present perfectly matching to the hands and mounted on its original bracelet.

It is in an historical context that Antiquorum auction will take place this June 28th at Beau-Rivage hotel Geneva, indeed, it is the first live auction after months of only online sales. Affirming once again its strength the World’s Premier Auctioneers of Modern and Vintage Timepieces, established in Geneva in 1974 is entrusting an exceptional illustration of watchmaking history.

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